We gratefully acknowledge the unique contribution and support during the past three years of the Coalition of 100 professional and non-professional volunteers who participated in producing this report. Volunteers were involved in all aspects of the project including developing and refining the research proposal, and translating into Hebrew, Russian, French and Arabic the questionnaires used to interview survivors and families of victims of suicide bombings. 

We are deeply indebted to the five volunteer interviewers, C.C, S.H, M.K, A.G, and L.M, who carried out the interviews in locations throughout Israel. Above all, we thank the survivors and families of victims who found the courage to share their painful experiences, and entrusted us with reporting them. 

We are grateful to the Almagor Terror Victims' Association in Jerusalem who provided our first respondents, to the Israel Crisis Management Center in Tel Aviv who funded our interviews, and to other 
organizations who helped us. We thank the many professionals and academics mentioned in this report, who gave generously of their time and expertise to guide us, and to encourage us along our difficult path. 

We are indebted to library staff in Israel, Switzerland and the USA who assisted us to obtain material for this report. We thank H.K. our cover designer, Ariel Jerozolimski and Roni Schutzer who enabled us to use 
their photographic materials, Maggie C. who illustrated our poem, and Graphosprint, Jerusalem for printing 
the report. 

The project was not an endeavor by any specific political, religious, or ethnic group, and reflects the multi-ethnic, political, and religious diversity of Israeli society. We encountered both hostility and indifference to some requests for help or funding. This was offset by the devotion of volunteers and friends of the project who generously gave of their time and financial resources, and organized three local fund-raising events. 

We are greatly indebted to friends in England, the United States of America, and Canada, among whom were L & D.B who contributed in honor of their parents, and M & A. R. Friends of the project in Israel, and Poland contributed photographs and batiks to sell to raise funds. Particular thanks are extended to T.S. who enabled us to cover printing costs. Other donors contributed towards cost of cover design and acquisition of photographic materials. Overall cost of the project amounted to around $US 40,000, all raised from civilian sources. 

Our coalition of project volunteers struggled through a constant backdrop of three long and bloody years to carry out its objectives. The coordinator's daughter walked past the Sbarro Pizzeria in Jerusalem an hour before it was gutted by a suicide bomber, and on another occasion she herself traveled to Jerusalem a day earlier than scheduled, thereby missing a suicide bombing at a time and place where she would have been. 

Deeply appreciated are the final editorial 'quintet' without whose help this report could not have been 
completed. Thanks are due to: Dr. H. Clinical Psychologist; Dr. A. Resident in Family Medicine; R.M. Academic Medical Researcher; and M. Television Director and Writer. Many thanks go to R.D & J R, J & R. Other volunteers steered us through computer problems, enabling final production of this report. As overall editor, I accept responsibility for any imperfections which may remain in the report, the unlikely accomplishment of which was almost a miracle in itself. 

Updates: June 2006 & November 2009 

Since this book was printed it has reached selected readers in over 80 countries. We thank those 
organizations and individuals who assisted us with part of our multi-faceted strategic distribution. 
Financially, the years have been "uphill all the way" for our civil society initiative, our Coalition of over 100 volunteer professionals and associates. Distribution costs have been considerable. But, we have survived. 

We are indebted to friends in Europe, the United States and Israel, who helped us to meet 
the cost of printing and producing the second and third editions of our book. The second edition would not have been possible without the generous donation of time and assistance of M & Y. This digital third edition could not have been produced without the expertise and assistance of S.R, S.P and D.R, and loyal Coalition members including a family who lost their daughter in a bus bombing. 

Dr. M. F. 2009 



“Media attention on suicide terrorism tends to focus on the ‘here and now’ of the bombing; (this book) tells us precisely the hidden story of suicide terrorism: of the lives changed forever, of the burnt bodies, of the traumatized minds, of the broken dreams of those who survive such atrocities...the importance of this book cannot be emphasized enough” (Julian Schindlerman, Journalist, Argentina)

“I very much value your book because there is little literature available about this field of conflict 
resolution which elaborates the trauma to the community” (President of Hungarian Association for 
Community Development)

“The book is an extraordinary document which I will read with great attention” (Dominique Lapierre, France)

“A beautiful and major piece of work” (Senior Staff Member, World Health Organization)

“This most comprehensive volume will serve as a valuable resource” (Office of U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights)

”Thought-provoking and powerful. It is very important that this research analysis which covers such 
dramatic events be shared” (UN Library, Geneva)

“This important and timely book will be a valued part of our collection” (Dorot Jewish Division of the New York Public Library)

"I would like to congratulate you for the amazing project you have carried out in completing the book” (Jewish Community Leader, Costa Rica);

“Powerfuland moving” (Editor, Journal of Conflict, Medicine and Survival)

“Suicide bombing should be utterly condemned wherever in the world it occurs. It is an aberration of nature, for the cult of martyrdom is opposed to the positive values of life itself" (Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka to the United Nations Office in Geneva)

“The book is stunning. An incredible amount went into it. I have never read anything like it. I can‘t believe how much data is documented. The book also left me with a glimmer of hope. The art is absolutely haunting, as is the title (Surgeon & Lawyer, USA)

"A comprehensive and painstaking piece of work by a lot of committed people. It is clearly an important piece of work” (Retired staff member, Oxfam, United Kingdom)

"The report will add to our knowledge of these very difficult issues” (Hazel Blears, Minister of State, Home Office, London);

“It will make a valuable contribution to knowledge and be of interest to academics in fields including terror, health, community and Middle East studies and to a general readership, providing insight and understanding of the impact of suicide terrorism upon civil society in contemporary Israel” (Dr M. Brennan, University of Warwick, UK)

”It is difficult to look through but certainly delivers an unforgettable impact on the reader” (John 
Wiley Publishers USA)

”A remarkable book, heartbreaking and important” (Editor, Journal of Autobiography, U.K);

“Tells the stories behind the statistics, is a must for all those who show leniency and tolerance towards terrorism and for all those committed to the battle against this evil plague” (Office of the Prime Minister, Israel);

“Shocking but highly professional” (Dr Y. Korazim, Ministry of Social Affairs, Israel)

“It represents an impressive and ambitious project on a very important and serious topic” (Daniel C. Kurtzer, former Ambassador to the State of Israel)

“The horrors that you describe speak for themselves. Any act of terrorism should be condemned by every government and individual until the day we get rid of the scourge” (Eudaldo Mirapeix, Ambassador of Spain to the State of Israel)

“Terror does not discriminate – as we saw in the attack in Hadera and in the July 2005 attacks in London when people of all faiths and none were murdered. But our determination to continue on with our lives is the best weapon against the terrorists, proving to them time and time again that they will not win” (Simon McDonald, Ambassador of the UK to Israel);

“The book is wonderful – I am very impressed” (Dr Batya Ludman, Clinical Psychologist)

“A very moving document. Besides bringing authentic voices from the field, it will probably serve as an important tool for the academic community to better understand the ramifications of terrorism in general and suicide bombings in particular. Hope your next work will be about the consequences of peace on civilians both sides.” (Dr Z. Weiner, Psychiatrist)

“Thank you for sending me this awesome book. I congratulate you and your team for your unrelenting tenacity in pursuing this important job in spite of all difficulties. This document should be read very 
widely around the world" (Dr O. Ayalon International Trauma Expert)

“A very powerful and moving account of the horrors of suicide bombings” (Professor Mooli Lahad, International Trauma Expert)

“Wonderful worldwide work you are doing to help in this ‘war’ against terror” (Christian Friends of Israel);

"I am most grateful to you for sending me "Burning Flowers- Burning Dreams". I have read it with much admiration for the work you have been doing" (Judge Richard Goldstone, October 2009);

Pope Benedict XVI sent a message in September 2009 that he "Greatly appreciates the concerns which prompted (us) to write to him. His Holiness will remember your intentions in his prayers and he invokes upon you God's Blessings of strength and peace".

“The book is something unique and wonderful; we would like to thank you for this” (S. Family, 
interviewed in the book, who lost five family members in one restaurant bombing

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